We develop games
for women
who want to change the world.

At SieEnt, we believe in the power of women

and we develop games to help women develop and channel that power. Our video games are like life – complex problems, lots of options, spread over an extended period of time.

Founded in Minnesota, SieEnt has assembled an amazing team of game developers to create RPG-style episodic video games. As a gamer, you will select your character and guide her through each episode of the game. You will encounter challenges at every turn and have multiple opportunities to hone your world-changing skills.

As you build your game skills, you will discover that those skills have become a part of you – an astonishing and powerful part of you.

Be ready to change the world.

SieEnt (SEE-ent), video games that empower.

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About Us

Jacqueline Urick

Jacqueline Urick

is an energetic combination of knowledge, passion and  drive: Knowledge from years of technical and business experience,  including playing, studying and designing games; passion to increase the  power of people, especially women in technology; and the drive to build  a business that far exceeds customer expectations.

Jacqueline has an exceptional ability to translate in-depth technical  knowledge into credible, intelligible business processes and  communications. Her commitment to empower women includes leadership  roles with GIT (Girls in Tech) Minnesota and She’s Geeky. Her business  vision incorporates state-of-the-art gaming technology, an acute  business sense, and a drive to build games that enable players to reach  their full potential in real life.

Jacqueline can be reached at jacque at sieent dot com.

Elizabeth Tupper

Liz Tupper

approaches every challenge with a can-do attitude and extensive experience to back up her confidence. She believes in herself and creates a high level of confidence in those around her. Liz has made steady strides up the management ladder, managing large teams of creative professionals, customer-facing representatives and technical staff.

She has emerged in Minnesota and nationally as a leader among women in technology, putting her passion and organization skills to work in building groups like She’s Geeky, and managing the operations of SieEnt. For Liz, SieEnt brings together all her strengths and passions: belief in the power of women, a love of technology, and an exceptional ability to manage people, processes and budgets.

Liz can be reached at liz at sieent dot com.